Guest posts

If you have any experience or tips related to the world of fitness you would like to share, do not hesitate to submit an article for publication.

Articles should be at least 400 words in length and should be published anywhere else. Topics can be on gyms, bodybuilding, getting fit, kettlebell training and so on. The article will be credited back to your site with a link.

Write to me to submit an article to be considered for guest post publication.

Why guest posts?

Why should you publish an original and quality article on someone else’s blog instead of yours? You get more exposure that way and can target a slightly different audience. If you always blog about kettlebells, this is a topic not discussed here so you could try to present it to readers of this blog. If they are interested, they will start to read your blog. This is why your guest post has to be of a high quality – enough to convince readers to read your blog.

What you get here

Iron Fitness is all about bodybuilding and weight-lifting targeted to beginners. Information to educate, to share but also to motivate people. As this is about achieving fitness, any fitness-related topic would be of interest.

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