About this blog

About this blog

I am writing this blog to fill in a gap.

A guide for beginners, from basics through progression to your individual goals in fitness and training in the gym.

If you’re new to the gym environment or returning to it after a long period of rest, then you will find plenty of exercise and fitness articles on training in the gym. All the blog posts published here are written from my personal experience, with my own understanding and my point of view of the exercises and principles involved.

Feel free to ask any questions and to suggest any topic you would like me to write about.

About me

I have been working out in the gym for many years ever since I was a teenager. At that time I was using the school gym which was rudimentary. Quite a few equipment were getting regularly broken because of the poundage being used by a few exceptional schoolboys. When I joined that gym, there was no one to teach me how to use any equipment or how to perform any exercise properly. There was no personal trainer at hand. I learnt mostly by watching others, by trial and error and from glossy fitness magazines.

Copying exercises that others are doing is not the best thing to do. If they are not doing them properly or have adapted an exercise to suit them, you end up doing the exercise incorrectly.

Trial and error is an expensive way to learn if you end up not making progress or worse, with injuries later.

Learning from magazines is not so bad – you do get expert advice and I learnt a lot that way; however sometimes the advice is too expert. When you read how champions train and become successful, you rush to emulate them, forgetting the very fact that it’s because they are professionals in their field that they can afford to have advanced sessions unsuitable for beginners or for those who do not take advanced supplements.

I hope this blog will fill in the gap.

Ironn Simba