Motivate yourself

After my last post on Arnie’s inspirational life, I thought I would stay on the same topic. Today I will talk about Genghis Khan and Julius Caesar. What do they have in common, apart from being successful leaders and conquerors?

They both had fire in their belly, this insatiable hunger for success. Without this hunger, no one can ever succeed in life. The moment you feel full, someone else will take over your number 1 position. The hungry lion hunts but the sated one sleeps.

The Roman

Julius Caesar’s father was a senator in Rome and Julius’ uncle was a powerful figure in the senate and army. However, Julius’ father was murdered when he was a teenager and Julius enrolled in the army. It was mostly the fire in his belly and his thirst for conquest that saw him rise above everyone else in a short period of time. His friend Brutus, although as skilled as him in other respects, did not have his level of leadership nor his ambition for power.

The Mongol

Genghis Khan was perhaps a man like no other who walked this earth, someone who will never be equalled. Revered as a god among his own, vilified as a warmonger, he can be credited to have conquered a swath of land from the east coast of Asia through to Europe. It is difficult to equal his achievements when you take into consideration his background. His father was murdered when Genghis was still a young child and he was left to die on the steppes of Mongolia. In a country and at a time when just surviving was a feat in itself, he defied the harsh winter of central Asia and the brutality of life among lawless tribes while surviving on his own with his family. He not only succeeded at that but also united all the war-mongering tribes of Mongolia together and with his will of iron leading them he crushed enemies many times his size and power.

Their philosophy

What sets these two men apart, and perhaps Genghis Khan even more so, are their absolute focus on their goals. Genghis lived for war and for war alone. What is life, but to crush your enemy, was his philosophy. Already living in violent times among violent people, Genghis was in a class of his own. Caesar had a senate to answer to and thus tie his hands but, skilled politician as he was, he did not let that get in his way.

What do Genghis and Caesar have to do with fitness training? Nothing! Or everything, depending on how dedicated you are. Use these two conquerors as inspiration in your life, as source of motivation to fire yourself in what you seek to achieve. If Genghis Khan was left destitute to die in the freezing winter to then rise to the very top among his people with nothing to help him but his will of iron, if Caesar had the senate eating out of his hand, surely, you can achieve a fraction of what they did.

Stay hungry

Use these two giants to be successful in your life, in your career, in your business, to overcome a lack of will to go to the gym or to run this last 100m. Remember, you need this fire in your belly, this insatiable hunger for more, otherwise you will never rise to the top.

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