Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inspirational talk

Arnold talks about the power of the mind and how it can push the body beyond its physical limits in competitive bodybuilding. Most of you may not be competitive bodybuilders but Arnold also explains how he has used this concept to be successful in other spheres of his life – acting and politics mainly.

His concept is basically of extreme competition and dedication. To win, he says, you have to do whatever it takes and that is his leit motiv.

The American dream realised

If you’re in doubt about what he is preaching, just look at him now. From immigrant to governor of the State of California, a state that can figure among the top 10 richest countries in the world. Arnold has been successful at whatever he has undertaken in life. We all know about his amazing bodybuilding career but did you know that he made his first million by 30, not from his bodybuilding prizes but from his mail order business.

He wanted to go to America and he did just that. He wanted to become an actor and he did just that, despite everyone telling him his Austrian surname and his German (or is it Austrian) accent would get in the way. His name is now recognised worldwide. He was not only successful at acting but hugely successful at that. You might say he never won any Oscars for acting but he was the most highly paid actor ever for his role in Terminator 3 according to IMDB. His record may not have been broken yet.

He then turned to politics and with his iron dedication at work, he made it to Governor. The last actor to turn Governor of California eventually ended in the White House. US law currently states that one should be born on US soil to be eligible for the highest post in the land but with Arnold’s total focus on what he seeks out to achieve and his track record, I would not be surprised to see him find a way past that. Arnold for US President?

Stay hungry

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s amazing success story in life in what he sought to achieve should serve as an inspiration to each of us. You only become successful if you try as hard as you can and put all your focus and dedication into it. And to reach for this success, you need to be hungry for it. Anyone can do it, even an immigrant from Austria.


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